Friday, February 6, 2015

If The Women's Dress Shoe Fits, Buy It!

In this age of enlightenment, why we have a tendency to still decision them women's dress shoes?

Sure, most of the time we have a tendency to wear our women's the right match dress shoes with a dress, however additional usually than not we have a tendency to additionally wear them with our tailored trousers, business suits and jeans. However we do not decision them "tailored trousers shoes" do we?

And how return we're still sporting those four-inch dagger heels, once we acumen onerous, it's to remain out of the cracks within the pavement, even in our flats?

Don't you're thinking that we'd  have learned a lesson by now? The. . . Damn. . . Things. . . Hurt. and that they additionally injury our spine, calf muscles, cause bunions and alternative equally gross malformations of our feet.

But if Sex and also the town tutored United States something regarding the ways in which  the planet within the twenty first century, it absolutely was that Carrie looked smashing in her Manolo's as she ran, yes, ran, down Park Avenue to fulfill whichever beautiful hunk she was schtupping at the time. The ethics of the story being "Yes women, your designer dress shoes can invariably get you your man!"

So here are my not-so-serious recommendations on a way to have a wardrobe jam-packed with fabulous women's dress shoes:

*Make the shoe employee your "new best friend". He or she goes to be a part of an awfully, terribly special relationship - you and your new dress shoes.

*Forget comfort once you have class! Consider those things! Do not you only need to have them? Notwithstanding the very fact that they want you have metal clamps on your toes? Anyway, you'll be able to invariably sit down somewhere once Associate in Nursing hour just about, well, can't you?

*Remember price doesn't equal comfort once buying designer dress shoes. If they price 2 months' pay, they are valued as of the pain.

*When fitting your dress shoes, check however you look from each angle - sitting, standing, lying face down or up -- affirmative, you will need to understand, however you look once you are flat on your back once fall off your four in  spikes.

Far be it from the Pine Tree State to postulate on learning nothing from our forefathers (oops, I mean mothers!), however as long as adult male Blahnik, and Jimmy Choo, and diverse alternative grand masters of shoe style keep creating designer women's dress shoes (there's that phrase again) that are merely to-die-for, well, bunions be damned, i am going to die for them!

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